The ultimate Staycation Prep List

Budget travel may be a wonderful experience that allows you to see more destinations while also saving a significant amount of money.

Most of us are all game for long trips. But are we truly always available to take off to the mountains? While our hearts ache to be on the move constantly, it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Staycations are the perfect middle ground in this case!

Whether your purpose is to reconnect with yourself or chill out for the weekend with your loved ones, staycations are the easiest way to do it! It is also an opportunity to explore your city and nearby locations; that otherwise, we might miss it.

Now you might think, if it is meant to relax, do you need a to-do list? A plan will help you focus more on unwinding than looking after the whereabouts and activities. Read further to build your version of a list for the vacation. Remember to customize the plan according to your need and include all that makes you feel comfortable, from PJs, books, board games, and anything else to make you feel at home. So, let’s dive into it!

1. Plan Plan Plan!

The first step is the most obvious yet essential one! Whether you set out to explore nearby stay options or call the shots from home, it is always better to have a blueprint of your trip. Planning the specifics of your trip will help optimize the time in hand. Also, staying at home allows you to design and complete chores on time and have ample time to relax and unwind. Pick your location, dates, and the people you would like to accompany you on this trip. Once the essential details are in place, you can focus on packing and other necessities. Narrow down on a few locations and explore the best stay options there. 8MH offers some of the best villas in Delhi, best suited for conscious travellers. They have some of the most unusual and unique hospitality ideas, offering you a private and intimate experience.

2. List down your priorities

If you wish to stay indoors and relax or explore scenic locations, list your priorities. You can always go location hopping if you select a stay option central to many sightseeing spots. Also, based on the destination, you can decide the kind of activities you would like to indulge in. Once you know what you want from this trip, you can have the experience!

The best way is to clear your web history or use an incognito mode while looking for flights. Yup, that will make the difference for sure. 

3. Set a budget

Why a budget, you may ask? Setting a budget might feel excruciating. However, even in the case of local trips, budgets work as an excellent blueprint to avoid overspending on unnecessary things. 8MH offbeat offers you some exquisite villas around the country at pocket-friendly prices.

4. Aim to go beyond the weekend

Usually, a weekend getaway sounds like the best plan. However, it is always best to plan and stretch a few days beyond the weekend, even if it is just a staycation. This can help you relax on the weekends and explore nearby sightseeing spots throughout the week. 8MH offers farmhouses and villas in Gurgaon, Noida, and surrounding parts of Delhi, enabling you to take time off from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Calm down, relax and unwind

Find all the things that can help you feel comfortable and help you relax. You can pick some board games or select movies to watch with your family. Books also work as a great travel partner. 8MH has partnered with some of the best villas in Delhi to offer luxurious yet budget-friendly villas and farmhouses with pools, Amphi theatres, and arrangements for barbecues and bonfires on demand to help you make the most of your stay.

6. Keep an eye on the activities

While it is a staycation on the local premise, you must always keep an eye on seasonal activities and food and plan your stay accordingly. These will help you make the most of your visit and enjoy scenic locations and delicacies.

7. Some spots to consider

If you plan a vacation around Delhi, get the best villas with 8MH OffBeat! It is a perfect place to unwind and find solace. Get to stay in some of the hidden gems across the country, as 8MH gets you the best price. 8MH is a channel partner with exquisite villas in our country and hence can get you the best tariffs at your convenience.

Get going!

While this might be a long list, the whole purpose is to enjoy the trip. So, whether or not you get to follow the tips on the list, just live in the moment, enjoy the serenity around and unwind! Explore some of the best villas and farmhouses around Delhi and all over the country at 8MH, and let us help you make your vacation one of a kind!

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