The rise of Off-beat properties as the go-to destinations for holidays

Have you had enough of the well-worn tourist routes? Do you want to go somewhere new? India’s off-beat sites provide an unforgettable adventure. Get away from the buzz and bustle of cities and immerse yourself in unforgettable adventures. Vacations in these lesser-known destinations are definitely unforgettable. Avoid crowds, see the raw natural beauty and strange cultures, and learn a lot.

So, what does it mean to be “offbeat” these days? How can we enjoy a location without the normal flow of tourists clogging up the sites, highways, and hotels? How do we find a spot that isn’t crowded and where we can have it all to ourselves? Well, the answer is opting for an off-beat destination.

Offbeat destinations are areas that aren’t on the typical tourist map. These are sites that have yet to be influenced by mass tourism. Most of the time, these unusual locations are nestled within natural beauty or offer a unique view of the local culture or beliefs. So, if you’re looking for a connection with travel simply for the sake of appreciating the essence of a place, you might want to go down a path that few people contemplate. Here are some of the reasons why visiting an off-beat area is a unique experience.

Reasons to prefer off-beat destinations

1. Less Crowd No Lines

If you visit places like the Taj Mahal or Udaipur, you will find that they are very crowded, whereas places like Varkala in Kerala or Majuli in Assam will have fewer visitors. Off-beat destinations offer a more tranquil atmosphere with no uninvited photo-bombing.

2. Welcome to the world of road trips and/or bike rides

Taking a walk to a seashore or riding a bike the closer to the local market can be quite interesting. The excitement of arriving in picturesque areas seemingly out of nowhere, often with no directions on any maps, struck out as a unique and delightful experience. The best way to get off–beat destination is to take a road trip or go for a bike ride. The car also comes with the freedom to make random pit stops whenever and wherever it deems scenic. Road vacations or bike journeys are intimately associated with the concept that the journey is just as beautiful as the destination.

3. Street Wandering

The beauty of travelling to an off-beat destination is simply beginning walking! Spend some me-time without being disturbed. It’s always fun to window shop when walking. It can be a fulfilling objective simply to notice architectural elements in buildings as you go by! While strolling through the streets, you can stop for a coffee at a local café or a cocktail or glass of wine at a bar.

4. Make a connection with the location and take it slowly

Slow travel is the reason people prefer off-beat destinations. Slow travel allows us to connect with the area like no other because there is little or no trace of an itinerary in our brains. Rather than being a typical tourist, consider staying for a long period of time in a single location, where you may immerse yourself in the culture and let it enchant your ideas. As you spend more time in the area, mingling with locals and becoming familiar with every street and corner, you’ll likely uncover folk tales, pristine natural places, love the food and give you a feeling of a home away from home.

So, now you know why off beat locations are gaining the craze

With time, Indian families’ living standards have improved, and they may now consider vacationing more frequently. This has also led to an increase in the number of Indians visiting off-beat destinations. 

Couples are more likely to try out this concept of visiting unusual places. With weekend travel becoming more popular among working couples, everyone in the industry appears to have a bright future. For domestic travel, budgets range from Rs 5,000 to 30,000, and for foreign offbeat places, budgets range from Rs 35,000 to 2 lakh.

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