Saving big on your travel tickets and hotels with this simple hack

Budget travel may be a wonderful experience that allows you to see more destinations while also saving a significant amount of money.

Many of us have been waiting to just pack our bags and travel. Since post-COVID travel norms have been relaxed, we all want to go somewhere on the weekends and just relax, unwind and be away from the hustle. Young professionals prefer spending weekends or taking short trips nearby and exploring new locations. But not everyone is able to find the deals within their budget. 

Here are a few tricks and tips which you can use for your next trip. The first of planning a budget trip is to do thorough research on how to get there, places to visit, local commutes, living options, basic accessibility, and, of course, how much of all of this will fit into your estimated budget.

While booking tickets and lodging ahead of time is a good start, you should also spend some time planning a budget before doing anything else.

Here’s a list of unique travel hacks to guide you and fulfil the wanderlust inside you.

1. Plan your trip for the off-season

Travelling to a destination when it is not overrun with tourists, i.e., during the off-season, is always a good idea. Not only are the tickets less expensive, but everything from lodging to dining options is significantly less expensive than during peak season.

2. When looking for flights, use incognito mode on your browser

Are you on the lookout for low-cost flights? Most folks aren’t aware of this hack! Most travel websites track your previous activities on their site. 

The best way is to clear your web history or use an incognito mode while looking for flights. Yup, that will make the difference for sure. 

3. Look for any hidden fees

Some search engines may display you lower rates at first, but when you go to pay, you may be charged convenience fees or taxes. As a result, you must include the total cost in your comparison; otherwise, you will feel duped.

4. When travelling locally, take public transportation

While travelling on a budget trip, buses and trains are the best way to save money on commutation. Most cities are well connected by frequent bus or metro lines, which you can take instead of spending more on cab journeys.

5. Take advantage of exclusive hotel offers

For guests who spend more than one night, hotels frequently offer a “stay two nights, get a third-night free” deal. These discounts are usually only valid when booking directly through the hotel’s website. Sign up for your favourite hotel’s newsletter to stay informed about special offers, or visit websites that display current hotel discounts along with free nights.

6. Sign up for airline promotional emails

Airlines send out flash sale emails on a regular basis, and following them on social media helps keep you up to date on the latest bargains and promotions.

7. Make a reservation for a flight and hotel package

Booking a ticket and a hotel together might help you save a lot of money on your trip. Most of the time, this bundling strategy works.

8. Tuesdays are ideal for travel

If you haven’t already figured it out, Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly because people rarely travel on this off-day of the week.

9. Take into account odd hours

Late-night and early-morning flights are sometimes less expensive than other options. So, if you’re willing to sacrifice your sleep, you might find yourself with a lighter wallet.

10. Take advantage of frequent flier miles

Do you frequently fly with the same airline? Then this is for you – special rates, special seats, and special redemption points are all available. The majority of us book flights based on who offers us the best deal. However, if you participate in a frequent flyer programme, you will save even more money. You can always use the points you’ve acquired on your future trip.

11. Bring food with you

Carrying snacks with you, such as fruits, nuts, or even health bars, is a highly mindful tip that will spare you from sudden hunger pangs. These will not only give you more energy, but they will also keep you from overeating.

12. Local and street food delicacies should be explored

While you’re out and about, travel to the streets for a cheap way to fill your stomach without spending a fortune on expensive hotel meals. Local cafés and street food vendors will introduce you to the local cuisine, and it will be an unforgettable gastronomic adventure! However, if you have a sensitive stomach, bring medications with you.

13. Experiences are more valuable than possessions

Do you collect mementoes? Spending money on pricey collectables that will most likely merely garnish your living room and serve no other purpose is, after all, a waste of money. They gradually add up to your outgoings. Instead, you might use that money toward creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.


Budget travel may be a wonderful experience that allows you to see more destinations while also saving a significant amount of money. With the same amount of money, travelling on a budget allows you to visit more areas. A memorial hall admission price, for example, may be much less expensive than a half-day tour of the same location. The money saved could be put to better use, such as purchasing additional tickets to other tourist attractions.

There’s also a perception that cheap travel is only for students or those who are financially strapped. Well anyone can make use of it as well! All you have to do is plan ahead of time and budget appropriately. So, what’s stopping you? Start planning your trip now!

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