Plan Your Perfect Weekend Getaway! Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide

As the festive season sets in, we see many holidays coming our way! Also, not forget how the lush green environment and occasional showers can tickle your travel bug! But wait? Have you ever planned an entire trip for yourself? Haven’t we always relied on that one friend who takes charge of finding the right spot and building the itinerary? Well, it is time you take the matter into your hands this time! Why, may you ask? 

Let’s be honest! Long working schedules have plagued your peace! Haven’t they? And a long weekend getaway looks like the silver bullet to all your woes. We might want to call ourselves mind-readers, but everyone is sailing in the same boat! We all are craving that one trip to boost and make our souls happy!

We might have something for you if you are looking for ways to set out on that much-awaited retreat! We have put together some ways in which you can plan your perfect trip, tailor-make it according to your preference, and make the most of your holidays!

Step 1: Pull out your bucket list

Everyone has a list of places they wish to visit. Don’t you! When will you get a better chance to hit the road and go on that long road trip? Get started and go to your favourite vacation spot. Wade the dust on your list and get started on the journey of ticking places off your list with 8MH villas and farmhouses. They offer some of the best stay options around Delhi and around the country with all amenities to make you feel at home and have the best experience! 

Step 2: Pick your dates

Narrow down the dates you would want to set out! This crucial step will take most of your time and effort. First, identify dates and check for availability in your preferred location. Choosing dates is also vital because it helps you visit places at their best time, participate in activities, and experience seasonal specialities.  

Step 3: Zero down to that one location

Once you select a few dates and locations, identify the best option that suits your bill. Once this is done, you can look for nearby stay options. 8MH offers some of the best properties like villas and farmhouses in and around Delhi in areas like Noida and Gurugram. They also have exquisite partners around the country, enabling you to have the best of your time in scenic locations away from the city’s noise.

Step 4: How to reach there?

If you don’t have a large group accompanying you, you can opt for public transport! Public transport is the best way to go light on pockets and get the essence of the local life. Identify at least two ways to reach your preferred location, and always carry your travel kit along! Remember to include snacks and a first-aid kit as a priority in it.

Step 5: What to do there?

What is the purpose of this trip? Would you like to visit different spots around or hit the pause button to relax and unwind? The decision lies with you! Deciding this helps plan your days well in advance, leaving ample time to focus only on the experience during the stay. 8MH offers some of the luxurious stay options right from villas, mansions, and farmhouses with amenities like a pool, bonfire, barbecue, and much more to help you make the most of your stay!

What goes in the bag?

It is always advisable to pack all essentials like a first-aid kit, toiletries, clothes, cosmetics, etc. However, it is also essential to keep it light to avoid any hassles while travelling. Carry your favourite outfits, sunscreen, and other essentials! Keep your devices and their chargers handy. You don’t want to waste your trip looking for your electronics and their accessories. Ensure your first-aid kit consists of OTC medicines, bandages, energy drinks/bars, ointments, and balms. 

Go solo or with your gang but just set out!

Take that much-awaited trip, whether a solo or group adventure; this is your chance to follow your heart and take the plunge. Trips like these help you rewind and kickstart with double the force! 8MH offers you villa options for a vacation in Delhi and around the country that are budget-friendly, away from the central city, to help you find solace. Contact them for any inquiries. Their concierge services can help you plan your vacation end to end. Now we don’t know what’s stopping you! Just follow your heart and set out!

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