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8MH offbeat is a vocal and passionate partner of small, private, concept properties with a sharp focus on ‘conscious travel’. Charged by a simple idea of preferring unusual routes and unheard of ideas in hospitality, 8MH Offbeat was born in 2019.


Even as our story unfolds through the pandemic and after…. 8MH Offbeat continues to celebrate a community of lateral thinkers, small, private and intimate non-hotels hosted or created by passionate owners with stories to tell – film makers, wildlife lovers, conservationists, photographers, poets, adventurers, tradition keepers, artists, architects, writers, river runners …..


Our network of unique properties (that we market) spans the length and breadth of this amazing country we live in. We truly believe in taking time outs from the fast-paced digital and concrete jungles that we live in; reach out today to learn more. 

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